At the heart of the Dundas brand lies a commitment to providing a better customer experience, and an ambition to be known as Scotland’s most trusted new-build developer.

To realise this ambition, we put you, the customer, at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that when you buy from us, you'll:

  • feel listened to and valued
  • enjoy a personal, straightforward and inspiring experience
  • understand that your needs shape the work we do
  • feel that we are your partner

We’re not just here to sell plots. We’re here to create new homes that make people like you feel great.

We create new homes that make people feel great

This is our purpose

It is the reason why we exist – it’s why we come to work in the morning. It highlights the fact that we build homes that allow people to live life to the full, in places where they can put down roots and make happy memories. Without this being true, every other aspect of our work falls flat.

Our Values

Empathy. Vision. Dedication.

Our ‘living and breathing’ core values are the things we believe in - and the strengths that help define us. They underpin everything we do, from the way we treat our colleagues and customers to the quality of the homes we build and the services we deliver. They shape how we work.


We listen and learn

We listen to each and every customer. We aim to understand their needs and involve them in the buying process as partners. We work hard to understand the reality of their lives, strive to provide them with solutions that meet their needs, and do everything we can to earn their trust.


We believe in better

We make the home-buying process as straight-forward, fun, exciting and stress-free as possible. We work to provide a better customer experience than any other house builder.


We inspire

We strive to deliver more than is expected and aim to delight and inspire each customer through the services and homes we offer.

A better customer experience

This is our promise to you

We make this promise to all our customers, so that they know what they can expect from us. We deliver on this promise by making the process of buying a new home:

  • More Straightforward
  • More Inspiring
  • More Personal

We make buying a new home more straightforward

We put the needs of all our cutomers at the heart of everything we do. By identifying any pinch points early on, we deal with any frustrations before they become problems. We provide timely information to ensure all questions are answered and that customers know where things stand. Good communication between all parts of our business ensures we respond quickly and effectively to any requests.

Creating a more straightforward customer experience

  • We put the customers’ needs first
  • We remove pinch points from the process
  • We provide timely and relevant information
  • We communicate regularly and transparently
  • We respond quickly and effectively

We make buying a new home more inspiring

By listening to our customers, we create homes that meet the needs and aspirations of everyone we build for. We provide friendly advice and support to deliver an exciting buying experience – one that gives each customer confidence that their new home will inspire them as they take the next step on their life journey.

Creating a more inspiring customer experience

  • We treat customers as individuals
  • We put their aspirations at the heart of what we do
  • We view them as partners in the process
  • We provide high quality information and advice

We make buying a new home more personal

By making good use of technology to support our sales teams, we make the home-buying process as personal and friendly as possible. This approach ensure that our customers always feel that they are at the very heart of things, and that they can get their questions answered by someone they know and trust.

Creating a more personal customer experience

  • We embrace technology
  • We get to know the customer
  • We ensure that the customer is always heard
  • We use the communication channels that best suit each customer
  • We always respond effectively and appropriately

At Dundas we want you to enjoy a great buying experience

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from some of our customers.