Together with their four-year-old daughter Elle, both Kirsty and her husband William were keen to upsize and find a spacious home for their growing family. Their semi-detached property, the Pentland house type, fulfilled their dream of owning their first property while allowing them to remain close to their loved ones in nearby Pumpherston.

Kirsty, born and raised in Edinburgh, and William, born and raised in Pumpherston, know the area intimately. Accordingly, it is of little surprise that the couple closely followed the availability of properties within this bespoke development.

During the preceding year, the couple was set on choosing the ideal Dundas home for them until their future home presented itself in a meeting with Janice, one of our many enthusiastic and passionate customer-facing team members at Dundas.

The couple credited Janice with making the buying process smooth as she supported and reassured them throughout the different stages. Her impassioned advice and expertise ensured a high degree of organisation and efficiency throughout the process.

Despite a ‘whirlwind’ month, which saw the couple move in a week after their wedding, the family was able to officially walk through the door this August.

Kirsty and William have been particularly impressed with the house design and its various features.
The modern, open-plan design is a particular asset, providing the family with an impressively-sized living room that seamlessly flows into the kitchen and dining room area.

The garage affords generous storage space where the couple can keep their Christmas decorations and Elle’s outdoor toys. The utility room, Kirsty’s favourite part of the house, proved to be a bonus that helps ensure the house is kept organised and tidy.

In particular, their four-year-old daughter Elle has enjoyed the new space. The property location means she can continue to enjoy both her local dance and swimming lessons. Her local nursery is only a short walk away too.

Kirsty said: “Since 2019, both William and I had kept an eye open for any available houses within this area. This property was in the ideal location and the design and quality were exactly what we wanted.

“I always fancied owning a new build since they feel so fresh and exciting. The house provided a great space in which we could make ours, and ensure Ellie had what she needed to have fun. Our neighbours are lovely also, which is a bonus too.

“Since this was our first time buying a property, the whole process inevitably could feel a bit stressful at times. However, our contact at Dundas, Janice, was amazing throughout the whole process and made sure we were taken care of every step of the way.

“She was always lovely and reassured us when things seemed to be moving against us. Her commitment and passion for her work were obvious, which made the experience far easier than we had initially anticipated.”

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