After recently getting engaged, research scientist Terri Russell, and her fiancé Nathan bought their first home together after falling in love with the community spirit at our Calderwood Village development in Coatbridge.

Terri and Nathan, who are local to the area, purchased a semi-detached three-bedroom Robson style home. Despite initial apprehensions as a first-time buyer, the couple were delighted by the support they received from Dundas Estates when choosing which property to make their own.

“The process was really straight forward,” said 23-year old Terri. “Our Customer Experience Manager was amazing – she really held our hand the full way through. She was able to provide her expert opinion on how we should move forward and find the right home. The whole team at Dundas was always available whenever we needed advice or had queries about the property.”

“We didn’t want to live somewhere where all the houses looked the same. Looking around the development it was great to see that each new build home looks slightly different from the other.

“The process was really straight forward, our sales manager Gail was amazing – she really held our hand the full way through.”

“I’ve always wanted an open plan house, and so that was definitely a big deciding factor, and we’re also amazed by the amount of storage we have in our home. Having the living room to the rear of the house also makes it feel really private and intimate.

“Walking around the development you can tell this is a great place to raise a family, with children often out playing at the local park and people walking their dogs. We couldn’t be happier with the house, and we can’t wait to start a family of our own here.”