Dundas Estates unveils community art in Dunfermline

We recently unveiled a new sculpture at our Annfields development in Dunfermline, inspired by Lapwings and the local community. 

We commissioned artist Tim Chalk to create the sculpture of Lapwing birds, which also incorporates a series of variations on old Scots names for the Lapwing: Peesweep, Peasie, Peezie, Peewhit, Teewheet and Teuchit. 

Tim has worked extensively in community art and believes that its enjoyment should be a part of everyday life and not confined to galleries and private collections. After considering the site, both as it is now, with Lapwing Drive running adjacent to the development, and in its former state as farmland, Tim settled on the Lapwing as the focal point for the sculpture. 

Speaking about the project, Tim said: “The Lapwing is a beautiful bird, both in itself and in the way that it flies, and the sight of it immediately evokes an agricultural landscape, which was why I chose it as the subject for this piece. 

“The work is designed to contribute to the local environment without dominating the location. The principal materials are intended to evoke the feeling of a steely grey sky and farm implements, while the use of granite setts echoes stones piled up at the edge of fields by generations of farmers clearing the land as they plough.” 

Heather Birrell, sales and marketing manager for Dundas Estates, said: “We feel that it’s so important to really make our developments a community, and not just a collection of houses. Art is something that brightens up the common space, and sets it apart from other neighbourhoods. Tim’s piece fits in beautifully with the aesthetic we’ve created at Annfields, and we’re so pleased with the final result.” 

Tim will be exhibiting with Saskia Gavin at The Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh from 22-29 September 2018. Their exhibition, Marking Time, is an exploration of the passage of time through artworks, some overtly measuring time, others expressing different experiences of it through the medium of sculpture, drawing and jewellery. 

Our Annfields development is located in Masterton, Dunfermline and offers a selection of one and two bedroom apartments, three bedroom terraced and semi-detached homes and three, four and five bedroom detached family homes.