How does your garden grow?

The benefits of cultivating a garden and how to make yours blooming brilliant

You’ve just moved into a lovely new build house, the heavy lifting is over, the fridge is fully stocked and you’ve worked out the best route to work each morning – but a new challenge has taken root, what on earth to do with that empty space out the back of your house.
It might be daunting to be faced with a brand new, bare garden. Most people want more than just a rectangle of grass behind their new house - the idea of BBQs in the sun, a peaceful reading bench, or a space for the kids to kick a ball around is appealing - but it could be difficult for novice gardeners to know where to begin from scratch. You needn’t worry, though; we’ve included some of our top tips and tricks to help you make the most of your new garden, and the benefits you’ll see from it.


One of the first things to decide is what you want from your garden. For example, do you want it to be a Britain in Bloom contender? Or are goal posts and playhouses going to take centre stage?  Starting out with a clear intention can make garden-related decisions much easier – and influence your planning.

If you want flowers, bushes and trees but you’re new to gardening, it can often be best to start small. One bed and maybe a pot or two beside the patio can be a great way to get your hands dirty and see how green your fingers are. With time, you can expand this and design a garden that works best for you. Or, if your garden is going to be filled with children, then this may be all you need to add a little colour to your outdoor space.
What to plant

One of the first steps is to locate the best spots for sunlight and decide on the right plant varieties for your location. If you have a north-facing garden, many beautiful plants require minimal sunlight, like hydrangeas, hostas, rhododendrons and lily of the valley. Digging a border bed along a fence and planting some of these flowers, along with green plants like ferns, is a simple way to bring some life to your garden. If you’re fortunate enough that your garden is south-facing, it is likely you can grow more or less any plant you would like.

Benefits of planting in your new build garden

The health benefits of spending time in the garden are well documented. It can have a hugely positive impact on mental health, with lower associated levels of stress, renewed levels of confidence and improved mood levels. And, whilst gardening can seem like a low-exertion activity, it has tremendous physical health benefits as well, from burning calories to enjoying fresh air; the physical positives of gardening should not be ignored. What’s more, you can easily grow delicious fruit and vegetables that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.

Additionally, maintaining a garden with grass and plants taking root in the soil can prevent your garden turning into a mud pit when the Scottish heavens open. The roots help to bind the soil together and mean that you can continue to enjoy the space throughout the year – without muddy shoes destroying your beautiful new carpets.

Making garden space your own

Although drainage is important and it is recommended gardens have some rooted plants, people certainly shouldn’t feel obliged to fill their garden with foliage. One of the most daunting concepts of garden ownership is the idea of regularly watering (yes, even in Scotland), pruning, spraying, repotting, planning plant locations…the list goes on. If you’re not passionate about plants, these elements can become a chore and dampen enthusiasm for managing a garden. If in doubt, keep it simple and ask your local garden centre for advice about the most low-maintenance plants, building up with time if it piques your interest.

Some of the best gardens keep it simple, with patio areas for barbecuing and garden furniture – maybe including accessories such as outdoor lighting and speaker systems – all geared towards a social, low maintenance setup with occasional mowing required. You can even make the most of the space to work on DIY projects such as building garden sofas from wooden pallets. It’s hard to beat enjoying a BBQ and a drink or two on a warm summers’ day in the garden, so it’s a great opportunity to make that come true. And like your brand new house, your untouched garden is a blank canvas, and making it your own is part of the fun!

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