Finally things are easing a little with the lockdown, so you’re probably extremely keen to get your life back in gear and to move forward with all the plans you’ve had to put on hold. If one of the things you’ve been dreaming about while you’ve been stuck indoors is moving home, then we’re here to help!

Perhaps you were thinking about moving house back in March, or, all the time you’ve spent locked in has made you realise that you desperately need an extra bedroom or a bit of space for a home office. Or perhaps you’re just tired of looking at the same four walls and really need a change.

If that is the case – contact us and we will be delighted to explore the options with you - at a safe distance, of course

Our Sales Staff are back ‘in post’ and working hard to finally get our existing customers into their new homes and respond to the tremendous number of enquiries we have received during the lockdown period.

Our developments are located in some of the most popular communities across the central belt of Scotland. We have a wonderful range of new homes to show you, everything from one-bedroom, easy-to-manage apartments right up to five-bedroom villas for families who have lots of post-lockdown entertaining to do.

We'd love to chat with you about the new homes we have available, so that we can point you in the direction of the one that’s right for you.

So why not book and appointment with us now and start thinking about how you can move your life forward into pastures new – after so many months of just staying put.

Looking forward to helping you find your new home.

The team at Dundas

Please note, face coverings are now compulsory when visiting our sales offices. Can you please ensure you bring a face covering if you have booked an appointment to visit. Thanks for your co-operation.