What’s your thing? Your hobby? Your pastime? Whatever it is, one thing’s for certain – you’ll need some space to do it in: a room where you can hide yourself away, close the door and just get on with your next project, whether that’s an on-line Zumba class, a piece of crochet or tuning up your guitar for a jam. To find the space you need, check out on one the many new Dundas homes now available in developments across Scotland. Many come with an extra bedroom or study room that you can make your hobby space.

To show you what we mean, we’ve done a run-down of some great hobbies you might want to try out when you get the room you need.

Set up a home gym

Exercise is key to a healthy and happy life, so setting up a home gym is a great use of space. Spread out your yoga mat, set up your treadmill, static bike or weights, lace up your shoes and off you go!

Get a place to practice

Being able to play a musical instrument is a joy, but while you’re practicing it can be very useful to have a room in which you can lock yourself away, especially if you’re on the drums!

Make room for art

What kind of art do you love to do – oil on canvas? Water colours? Or collage? Whatever style gets your creative juices flowing, having a room in which you can spread out all of your stuff and work without interruption is key to the perfect picture.

Be a clever sew and sew

If your crafty and you love to make things with your hands then you need space to work and get messy. Space is also vital if you love to sew, especially if you’ve got a big sewing machine that needs a home. That’s why you need more than a box for your stuff – you need a room!

Dundas has a fantastic range of family homes available in a wide range of exclusive developments in some of the most popular locations across Scotland. To find the one that's right for your family and all the hobbies you enjoy, get in touch with our sales team, or book a visit to one of our sales centres.