Dundas Estates has donated an additional £500 for the upkeep of the cairn memorial on Gilbertfield Road in Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire.

With Dundas’ donation, the cairn was cleaned up using a pressure washer and was then re-turfed following the completion of works to Gilbertfield Road.

Councillor Walter Brogan, and members of the Halfway Community Council and local charity Particip8 Overton were in attendance as Dundas Estates’ Construction Director, David Cummings, and Gilbertfield Woods Site Manager, George Whelehan, presented the memorial back to the local authorities.

Construction Director, David Cumming, said: “Memorials are tied to the very fabric of local communities and represent important parts of surrounding heritage.
“As part of Dundas’s new Gilbertfield Woods development, we knew it was important to protect and leave the cairn in a good condition which would last for many years to come.

“This donation is but a small representation to our commitment within the local community and will form part of the positive legacy Dundas aims to leave here.”

The cairn was unveiled in 2013 to commemorate the soldiers who marched down Gilbertfield Road toward Newton Train Station before they headed for war.

The inscription on the memorial reads: ‘This Cairn is to commemorate all the soldiers who walked this path to Newton Station to go to the 1st and 2nd World Wars. And all those who did not return. We will remember them.’

Dundas is currently constructing its brand new housing development, Gilbertfield Woods, which will provide 128 new homes.

Gilbertfield Woods will be the second development Dundas Estates have taken on in the town after selling all 61 homes at its popular Gilbertfields View, which is adjacent to the new site.

Dundas Estates is a multi-award winning, friendly and independent homebuilder which creates homes that make people feel great. It is proudly independent and Scottish-owned, with a track record of building well-designed homes.

To learn more about its Gilbertfield Woods development, and to register your interest call 0345 853 5000 visit our Gilbertfield Woods development page here.