When it comes to storage, you can never have enough! You’ll have more space and fewer headaches. When everything is in its place, life is a lot less stressful. It’s a great feeling knowing where everything is and not tripping over clutter all the time.

Here are five great ideas you can use to optimise your storage and maximise your space:

Look under the bed

The space under the bed is a great place to store things and there are many beds on the market with built-in storage - either drawers, or lift-up mechanisms that make it easy to access the space beneath the mattress. If your current bed doesn’t have storage, then invest in some wheeled boxes that can be easily slotted away out of sight - the perfect place for sheets and towels or seasonal clothes.

Make furniture do double duty

When you’re thinking about buying furniture, think storage! Look for products with clever solutions built in. These include sofas with integrated shelving, coffee tables and hallway benches with drawers, wall-mounted coat racks with storage above and ottomans that can open up to store your belongings. All of these will help you free up your rooms from clutter, such as leaflets, magazines and DVDs.

Hang it all!

Kitchens seem to generate mess, so good storage is vital. One top tip is to look for places where you can hang cups, pans, utensils and other items. You can add hooks, hanging rails and racks on the back of cupboard doors, under cupboards and under shelves. This will free up cupboard space and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Divide and conquer your messy wardrobe

One of the best ways to get more storage is to make the storage you already have work as hard as possible. This means organising your wardrobe and chest of drawers by putting in dividers and hanging organizer boxes. Suitcases can also be used to store clothes that are not used often. You can also use vacuum bags to compress jumpers and bedding so that they take up much less room.

Sneak in a shelf

It’s amazing where you can sneak in a shelf to provide some valuable storage. Floating shelves are a stylish option that add visual interest and can be installed all around the home. You can even slot in a shelf above a door. Another way to sneak in storage is to use shelves and storage boxes as partitions, as platforms for beds or as supports for table tops and desks, this last one works really well in kids’ rooms, providing a place to get creative along with somewhere to put paints and other craft items.