The start of 2021 might not have brought as much good news as we’d all hoped, but it still offers a chance to look forward and plan. One of the easiest things you can do to cheer yourself up (as many people found in 2020) is to get creative with your home. At Dundas, our large detached homes offer great space in which you can let your imagination run wild. So, to help banish the winter blues, we thought we’d give you a few ideas for how you can put your own unique stamp on your new home.

A new year calls for new décor

It’s amazing the difference just a few changes can make – a new set of cushions can transform a sofa, a new rug or curtains can make everything cosy and a new lick of paint can totally transform a room. In particular a feature wall, with a really strong stand-out colour, can lift your mood and make your décor ‘pop’.

Let there be lighting

With the days still short, getting your lighting right is important – especially as we’re all at home all the time. Just getting a new floor or side-table light can make a big difference – they can really set a room off! They come in an amazing range of styles, so you’re sure to find one to suit your décor. Or why not get a new lampshade and add a bright new splash of colour or pattern to your life?

New Year, New Space

One of the great things about Dundas’ larger homes is that they open up all sorts of possibilities – will you use your extra space for a home office, a dedicated dressing room, a place for music practice, a man-cave or a home gym? Each type of room needs a different decorating approach – so go bright and bold in the gym, but calm and considered for a snug or study.

New Year, New Broom – get decluttering!

Mess and junk can really get on top of you, so in these days of lockdown we should all be thinking about decluttering. It really is a great way to feel more ‘in control’. Another reason to go through your stuff, organise the bits you need and get rid of anything that’s just getting in the way, is the Zoom call. With home working now a given, and on-line socializing the norm, we all need a nice decluttered video-call background!

Go multi-functional

These days we need to be flexible. This is especially true in our homes, where kitchen tables must also be home-schooling desks and guest bedrooms must double up as offices. So why not look round your house and see what can do double duty. For example, you might be able to make a cinema room/home gym hybrid. Or perhaps you have a large hallway or landing (just like our McArthur homes) which can provide the space you need for an extra home-working location.

Dundas has a fantastic range of family homes available in a wide range of exclusive developments in some of the most popular locations across Scotland – all perfect for you to get creative with. To find the one that's right for your family, and which will provide all the space you need to celebrate, get in touch with our sales team, or book a visit to one of our sales centres.