As the nights draw in and the weather keeps us indoors more, everyone is thinking about how to fill the winter evenings. How are you going to entertain your family (and yourself) when it’s dark before five and every weather report seems to mention frosts and gales? At Dundas, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves – especially if you choose one of the larger new homes that are now available on our developments across Scotland. With all the extra room that our four- and five-bedroom homes offer, you’ll find more than enough space to create the ultimate entertainment hub or to set a room aside as a place where you can escape to do your own thing.

To show you what we mean, we’ve put together a run-down of some entertaining ideas you might want to try out when you get the extra room you need.

Say hello to a home cinema

One of life’s great joys (especially when it’s chilly outside), is settling down to take in a great movie or to binge on a box-set. So why not use a bedroom or study as a cinema room? Put in bean bags and a sofa bed for seating and you can keep the space multi-functional – but clear up the popcorn before you go to bed!

Go gaming

Whether you’re an X-boxer, Wii-addict or Play Station aficionado, you know how great it is to escape into a great game for an hour or two (or more). But what happens when someone else wants the telly? Or a bit of peace and quiet? The answer’s easy – set up a games room. That’ll give you the space you need for your screens, controllers and all your other gaming kit. Close the door and blast away to your heart’s content!

Get crafty

One of the best ways to fill your free time is to immerse yourself in an art or craft project – whether that’s painting a picture, knitting a new jumper a or doing some embroidery. The challenge, of course, is finding the space to spread out your things. So why not create a craft hub for you and the rest of the family – a creative space you can all enjoy.

Line up a home library

Whether you read on a Kindle or are more old school and reach for a book, there are few pleasures more diverting than loosing yourself in a good story. So why not make space for reading? Put up some shelves and fill them with your favourites – oh and don’t forget to add a comfy chair in which you can curl up with your latest find.