It’s no secret that most dream of that perfect dressing room, where all clothes, shoes and bags are neatly in order and of course in colour co-ordination. Apart from giving you the extra space and storage, having a dressing room allows you to find the things you need quicker and easier and takes clutter away from your bedroom.

From décor to dressing tables we have put some ideas together to help make your dressing room dreams a reality...

Keeping the walls simple with light neutral colours, like whites and greys, will open up your space keeping it bright and airy. Bringing in a style and colour through accessories adds your personality into the room (it is your space after all). So, if you ever change your mind on your style or colour choices, you only have your accessories to change instead of re-painting any walls. Digital prints are a great way of adding that pop of colour in line with your chosen style too. All our Dundas homes come as a blank canvas, so there is no worry of trying to cover up and change any weird and wonderful walls.

Now some would say a dressing room isn't complete without a dressing table and we totally agree. It provides you a place to keep all your ‘getting ready’ things together and the ability to sit down and take a breather before your day ahead. From hair products, skin care and make-up, we all know your collection isn’t getting any smaller, a dressing table provides that extra drawer space we know you need.

A tall standing mirror gives you that obvious ability to make sure you are looking great for the day ahead, while also reflecting light to brighten up the room. Placement is also key here, place your mirror in a place that is going to reflect and highlight great features in your room.

Most of our bedrooms include fitted wardrobes, however, a free-standing rail can be a great addition for extra clothes space. A rail allows you to see all your clothing, nothing will be forgotten and can give you the chance to plan your outfits ahead, organisation at its best!

So why not look at getting a bigger home to give you the space to do more. Here at Dundas, we have an impressive range of 4&5 bed homes across our Pace Hill, Uphall Station Village and Calderwood Village developments. Get in touch to book an appointment and get the space to be more you!