We understand the obstacles you face in the mortgage market when buying a new home.

Dundas Estates has introduced a shared equity scheme which aims to help you afford your dream home, and here is how it works :

If you qualify, you can buy a new home for as little as 90% of the price. You will be required to pay a minimum 5% deposit on exchange and you pay 85% of the purchase price via your prearranged mortgage. Dundas Estates will loan the remaining amount (10%) secured by a legal charge.

Dundas Estates Shared Equity Scheme is subject to status and qualification and is available on selected plots only. Credit is provided by Dundas Estates and Development Co Ltd, Carriden Sawmills, Boness EH51 9SQ and is subject to security over your new home. Terms and conditions apply.

There is no interest or rent payable for the first five years. Thereafter, an interest rate which will track at 3.5% above base (currently ½ of 1%) is payable on the outstanding loan for the next five years, payable monthly. (Typical APR 5.5%)

Dundas Loan amount must be repaid on sale or transfer of your property or on the 10th anniversary of purchase. Repayment of the 10% share is based on open market value at the point of sale or transfer. Typical example – if the property is sold or transferred for £200,000 then 10% (£20,000) is payable to Dundas Estates.

You can if you wish repay the outstanding Dundas loan in full at any time during the 10 year period based on the open market value at the relevant time.

At the end of 10 years the loan must be repaid in full. If you do not have your own money to repay the Dundas loan after 10 years you will need to raise the money by selling your home and/or borrowing it from another lender. However, we will consider cases of financial hardship sympathetically and positively and we may consider extending your loan subject to security and status.

To be eligible for a Dundas Shared Equity Loan the property must be your only property and cannot be a Buy to Rent purchase.

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