Our Green Credentials

Environmental protection is one of our key priorities and we work to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and the houses we build.
We design our developments to be in harmony with their surroundings, providing a place where people want to live – now and in the future. We aim to enhance the ecological value of our developments with carefully considered planting schemes, open spaces and, where possible, wildlife habitat areas. 
Green Credentials 

Sustainable Construction

From our earliest days, we have placed sustainability at the heart of what we do, employing low-waste construction techniques and utilising sustainable materials (which have a traceable covenant) throughout the construction process.

Our timber frame construction process is a great example of our commitment to sustainability. Our supplier, a group company, prefabricates our timber frames in a modern factory environment and is a signatory to The Timber Trade Federation’s Responsible Sourcing Policy. This ensures that every piece of timber within our homes has 'chain of custody' certification from prime source to end user.

Energy Efficiency Built-in

Sustainability is not only about using sustainably sourced material but also about the efficient use of energy. Each Dundas home is carefully designed and built to be energy efficient. They are also highly insulated and have extremely efficient heating systems. This means that our homes need less fuel to keep them warm - which will save you money on your bills.

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