As a first time buyer, owning your new home will bring multiple benefits

Taking your first step on the property ladder?

Buying a new home is a big step, especially if it’s the first time you’re doing it. But it’s a step that’s well worth taking:

Own your money

Buying a new home for the first time means that you’ll be taking charge of your financial future. Unlike renting, home ownership puts you in control and gives you more security. It makes sense for so many reasons:
  • Your money will be buying a valuable asset
  • You’re in charge – no landlord to answer to
  • Less insecurity – no worries about rents going up
At Dundas, you’ll find a range of affordable homes that will fit in with your budget. You might also be eligible for Help to Buy or the First Home Fund, which will reduce the size of the deposit you’ll need to get together.

Own your space

If you choose a new-build property from Dundas (rather than a second hand property) you’ll get a place you’ll be proud to own – a well-designed home in a convenient commuter-friendly location close to schools, shops and other facilities.
  • Our homes are designed with modern lifestyles in mind
  • They’re energy-efficient and economical to run
  • We build to a high standard – so no nasty surprises
Perhaps the best thing about owning a brand new home is that it’s all yours. There won’t be any old problems to fix and you can use your design flair to put your stamp on things.

Own your life

Buying your first home is arguably the biggest step forward you can take. It means that you can start planning all the other aspects of your life and aim for the future. When you ‘own it’ you’ll:
  • Have more peace of mind
  • Be able to move forward with confidence
  • Get the most out of life
At Dundas we are here to help you take this exciting step. We’ll give you advice on all aspects of the buying process, including securing your first mortgage. And, when you decide to ‘own it’, we’ll be there with you every step of the way to make sure it happens with the minimum of hassle.

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